13 June 2020 2660

Online training: Fencing Federation of Uzbekistan

Our online training sessions continue!

Today we present you a video report from a joint training session of the Fencing Federation of Uzbekistan and the National Olympic Committee.

The beginning of the meeting was taken under the leadership of the athlete A.Sobirov, who conducted the warm-up part.
A little later, the athletes were joined by the President of the National Olympic Committee, R. M. Shaabdurakhmonov. He expressed gratitude to all the athletes and coaches for their work in this difficult situation and said that it is planned to resume training athletes in the usual conditions in compliance with all security measures.
After that, the warm-up part was continued.

Then the coach's "baton" was taken over by the sabre coach Martin Kamadzhiev, who continued his training. In this part of the training, the athletes honed their fencing skills.

The final stage of the training was conducted under the guidance of senior sabre coach V. Nazlimov, who showed that some exercises should be performed in a more active form, and also shared the secrets that allow you to conduct training with greater health benefits for athletes.

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