Activities of the RNCSM

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a decree "On the establishment of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Sports Medicine under the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan" (No. PP-1994 of July 3, 2013). The decision was made in order to create the necessary conditions for the further development of sports medicine in the Republic and the widespread introduction of its advanced achievements in the process of comprehensive physical and psychological training of athletes – members of the national teams of the country for the Olympic, Asian Games, World and Asian Championships, and other international competitions. In accordance with the decree, the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Sports Medicine (RNPTSM) is being created under the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan. The Center is the main specialized medical institution that implements a unified state policy in the field of sports medicine, provides medical-biological and medical-psychological training of athletes-members of national teams of the country for competitions, and also performs the functions of the national anti-doping service.

The main tasks and activities of the RNPTSM are defined as:

- conducting research in the field of sports medicine, developing and implementing standards for the diagnosis and correction of the functional state of athletes, taking into account the specifics of the sport, permissible physical activity, advanced methods of prevention and treatment of sports pathology, medical support for athletes in preparation for competitions;

- development and implementation of modern methods of medical and biological selection of young gifted and promising athletes, taking into account their individual genetic and phenotypic capabilities;

- study of the influence of medicines, diet and diet on the physiological state of athletes in different periods of preparation for competitions, with the development of individual training programs for athletes in sports;

- development and implementation of an effective system of anti-doping control, as well as programs and application of methods of control in sports of drugs and other substances that have a pharmacological effect in the sports field;

- research and optimization of individual sports physical activity of athletes, taking into account the planning of competitions and training;

- control and correction of the dynamics of the level of health of athletes, aimed at ensuring the growth of their body fitness and maximum functional readiness for responsible international competitions;

- providing psychological preparation of athletes for performances at international competitions, as well as carrying out the necessary psychological correction;

- prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, pathologies and syndromes in athletes, including using the medical and diagnostic base of other specialized medical institutions of the republic;

- expansion and strengthening of international cooperation with leading foreign institutions in the field of sports medicine and anti-doping control for the exchange and implementation of advanced methods and technologies in these areas in the country;

- assistance in improving the skills of medical workers of sports federations, clubs and teams, providing them with methodological assistance on scientific and organizational, consultative and diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive and rehabilitation work.

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