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How to learn to manage emotions with the help of sports?

In today's difficult situation, it is necessary to learn how to cope with your negative emotions. If you have noticed outbursts of anger, then try to do sports, for example, Aikido. And if you're feeling depressed, how about a zumba dance?

In psychology, it is proved that in order to get rid of a particular negative emotion, it is necessary to engage in a certain type of physical activity. This way, your psychological stability will not be shaken.

Sports and emotions

You might think: how can sports help with emotions? To answer this question, remember the nature of excitement, the feeling when you are overcome by anxiety, sometimes you can even give way to your legs. And if you are angry, then you involuntarily begin to clench your fists. Emotions can change the rhythm of the heart, breathing, muscle and brain activity — that is, act on you as a full-fledged physical activity. Therefore, sports are a great "antidepressant" that can bring you into balance.

When you start to engage in physical activity, your body produces stress hormones, increases the release of endorphins and cortisol, as well as hormones of happiness — thereby creating a natural "balance" in the human body.

Getting rid of sadness

To get rid of sadness, you need movement and communication. But these movements should not be just for the sake of something, you should be emotionally involved in what is happening. Here, a group sport can help well, but during the quarantine period, you can just jump rope at home, or do water aerobics or zumba.

Classes with music will save you from sadness one hundred percent.

Getting rid of anger

To get rid of periodic outbursts of anger, you need to find a physical activity that does not involve aggression or struggle. Because the best weapon against anger is a respectful and friendly attitude. Here, for sports therapy, all types of martial arts can help: aikido, judo, wushu, etc. Because martial arts teach you to control your body, mind and emotions and concentrate on the opponent, not on the fight.

How to get rid of fear?

Many people mistakenly believe that you need to get rid of fear with the most extreme sports — this is the wrong way. To get rid of this feeling, you need to use a sport that can strengthen a person's sense of security and develop a sense of fearlessness.

Physical activities that can help you: equestrian sports-of course, if you are not allergic to horses. Animals, like sports, can relieve a person from psychological stress. Another option against fear is jujitsu, the art of hand-to-hand combat.

Thus, choose the right sport, do it to strengthen not only your physical condition, but also your psychological one. After all, if everything is not calm in your heart, it is very difficult to live in harmony with yourself.

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