10 February 2022 1844

Our judoists are preparing for the home World Cup according to a strict plan

This year, our judoists are expected to have major competitions. In addition to the Asian Games, Grand Prix and Grand Slam tournaments, our team is waiting for the World Cup, which will be held in Tashkent in October. Of course, decent preparation for them is the main task facing the Federation and the coaching staff. Today, the head of the NOC, Rustam Shaabdurakhmanov, during a visit to the Judo Federation of Uzbekistan, held a conversation, including about preparations for the Asian Games Hangzhou-2022 and the Olympic Games Paris-2024. It was attended by Deputy Chairman of the NOC, Chairman of the Judo Federation of the country Azizjon Kamilov, coaching staff headed by Ilias Iliadis, athletes and doctors.

During the conversation, the head of the NOC congratulated our national team on 3 bronze medals won at the Paris Grand Slam tournament, and expressed his opinion about careful preparation for the upcoming important start of the year.

"Training, nutrition, medical care can be good in the preparation process, but if we can't combine them during the competition, there will be no result. We saw the performance of the Japanese national team at the Olympics. We need to implement their system into our work during the TCB. The state is creating all the necessary conditions for this, and the President supports us. Everything else depends on ourselves. It is a great achievement to become the host country of the World Cup, which will be held this year. This is a great opportunity to show yourself, to achieve high results in front of our loved ones," said Rustam Shaabdurakhmanov.

In turn, the Judo Federation of Uzbekistan is doing a lot of work on strategic development. Azizjon Kamilov also visited the Paris Grand Slam tournament that ended the day before, during which he signed a memorandum of cooperation with the French Judo Federation. Since it was this team that won 2 gold, 3 silver and bronze medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, taking second place in the team standings after the Japanese.

During the meeting, the coaches announced that they will form 2-3 teams that will be admitted to the competitions included in the calendar of the International Judo Federation, and the optimal compositions will be selected this year. In addition, the head of the NOC instructed to study the world experience of sports methodology and medicine.

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