Scientific and Methodological Center

Tasks for the scientific and research staff of the Scientific and Methodological Center at the National Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan

- Scientific and pedagogical support of the training process during the National and International training camps.

- Drawing up an exemplary and recommended plan for conducting training camps.

- 2 times a week, conducting a scientific and pedagogical analysis of educational and training camps for sports.

- Report and suggestions on the analysis of the TCB.

- Proposals for the introduction of advanced and innovative technologies in the training process.

- Proposals for the purchase of scientific and sports equipment (including mobile) for the purpose of conducting research work with members of national teams.

- Drawing up a work plan to provide scientific and methodological support for national teams.

- Analysis and suggestions on the feasibility of conducting TCB on sports bases (specify the most optimal and effective options).

- Suggestions on the quality organization of professional knowledge and skills improvement of senior and head coaches of national teams.

- Methodological support of scientific and sports literature for national teams.

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