5 January 2021 3689

Behzod Rakhimboev: "I have a lot of experience in Italy, which is not measured by money”

This year also has a special significance for one of our young cyclists, Behzod Rakhimboev. Last year, Behzod managed to sign a contract with the Italian team "Team Viris Vigevano". Currently, the athlete intends to go to Italy. We offer you a small conversation that we organized with our cyclist.

– How unexpected was the offer from the Italian national team?
- To be honest, I did not expect such an offer. It turns out that they saw me in competitions 1-2. They made a formal offer in October, and I accepted without hesitation when my coaches supported it.

– For how many years is the contract concluded and what are its financial provisions, if not a secret?
- 1-year contract. To be honest, my salary is not that big. The main thing is that my expenses for food and accommodation there are completely at the expense of the community. In addition, I receive additional bonuses depending on the place I occupy in the competitions organized during the year. The main thing is that I have a lot of experience there, which is not measured by money.

– When do you plan to go to Italy?
– I think that after the meeting in Turkey. In a few days we will go on a tour of Turkey. I had to leave when my training there ended. So it would make sense if I went when the team is fully formed and the competition calendar is announced.

– Are you also interested in football? I want to ask if a player from Uzbekistan is currently scoring in the Italian championship. Would you like to go see his games if you can?
- To be honest, I am not very interested in football. But I heard that our compatriot Eldor Shomurodov is playing in the Italian championship. Of course, if I have the opportunity, I will go to watch the games of my compatriot.

- We wish you great success in your future activities. Thank you for the conversation!
- Thank you

We hope that the trip to Europe of our compatriots, such as Behzod Rakhimboev, will give even more motivation for the younger young athletes.

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