7 April 2020 2760

Morgan Stanley Chief Investment Officer: "A good opportunity to buy shares»

If the world continues to fight the coronavirus long and hard, then in the stock markets, "the worst is behind us, because it will reach its peak," says Mike Wilson, chief investment officer and chief strategist at Morgan Stanley Bank in the United States. He is confident that now is the right time to buy shares.

Bloomberg (one of the leading companies providing professional financial data – bonds, stocks, currencies, funds, etc.) quotes Mike Wilson: "given that last month was behind the forced asset sales, as well as the unprecedented monetary and financial interventions that we saw in 2011, with the most attractive quotes, we believe that behind the falling ("bear") market cycle that began two years ago, and not last month, «

According to Mike Wilson, as a rule, the collapse of markets does not begin with a recession, but ends with it. Compared to previous years, the risk-to-return ratio of stocks is now much more attractive than before the pandemic. Wilson also believes that the current level of stock markets shows the best side for investors over a period of 6 to 12 months.

Bloomberg said that amid tough measures by governments and central banks to support the economy and the highest symptoms of the coronavirus pandemic in Europe, stock markets will show rare optimistic forecasts.

"You can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it's a much longer tunnel," Eric Nielsen, an economist at UniCredit, was quoted as saying.

Source: forbes.ru

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