2 May 2020 3190

"We need to invest in technology now. But clearly count the effect»

Companies with advanced digital intelligence were more prepared for the changes seen today. Is it possible to rely on this to create a company that consists entirely of robots? And is it true that the introduction of technology leads to a reduction in personnel?


"We are now in a new world with you»

Of course, today the demand for remote work solutions has increased significantly. An example of this is programs that provide online meetings.

Experts predict that the quarantine situation in the world today is the first, but not the last in the 21st century, which means it's time to prepare yourself, the company and employees for remote work so that no one gets hurt.

First of all, you should not "go by touch". You need to understand what can happen in a particular situation, understand what kind of feedback from customers can arise. Only then will you be able to make informed decisions with fewer mistakes.

Start investing in technology and automation right now. Until now, many companies have not debugged electronic document management, automatic data processing and other processes that can be carried out on the"remote".

The main thing is that you must understand where and how to apply information technology, otherwise you will spend money just like that. Do not forget about your team, teach it. After all, a team is the most valuable thing that companies have.


A source https://www.vedomosti.ru/partner/characters/2020/04/21/828516-tehnologii-avtomatizatsiyu

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