5 May 2020 3340

What will happen to the economy after the pandemic?

Today, the world is changing at a tremendous rate. Many countries are already easing quarantine measures, but it will not be easy for everyone to return the economy to the pre-crisis level.

Supply chain disruptions

Temporary work stoppages in many countries around the world have disrupted national and international production chains. Some of the companies decided to increase the stocks of raw materials and finished products, and others-to simplify the production process.

Western countries are opening up the economy

However, the easing of restrictions does not affect the controllability of the coronavirus. Even after the resumption of the work of the enterprises, most likely, problems with supplies will remain. Perhaps the companies will try to increase the localization of production.

Do I need to go to work

Even if many companies start monitoring the health of employees, no one will be able to do it outside the office. Therefore, the risk of infection will decrease, but it will exist.

New regulations are being introduced in factories, offices, restaurants, and airports

Some companies try to help their employees and organize special buses, others help employees buy cars, and some even rent additional offices so that people do not have to travel far to work.

Perhaps the pandemic will lead to the fact that remote work will become a familiar thing for many of us.

A source: https://www.vedomosti.ru/economics/articles/2020/04/30/829424-vosstanovit-ekonomiki-neprosto

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