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How to manage a team in stressful situations?

Now employees of different companies are used to working against the epidemic. When faced with such situations, managers must help employees cope with high levels of stress. What to think about?

The climate in the team strongly depends on the mood of the manager. The manager is often a role model for employees, and if he shows excitement and fear, it becomes strange to demand that the team work as effectively as in the pre-crisis period.

Tell the truth and say nothing but the truth

In any unstable situation, the first thing employees think about is the future of your company. They wonder what is really going on in the organization, how it relates to their salary and bonuses if they face cuts. Your task is to be honest and as open as possible. Just work with the facts and try not to discuss the rumors again.

The crisis will pass, the memory of your attitude to the team in a difficult moment will remain.

Don't plan for the long term

The situation in the world changes several times a day. No one knows exactly what will happen tomorrow, how long the quarantine will last, or what kind of help they will receive. We literally live in one day.

This should be taken into account in the work: make plans taking into account the possibility of changes and, if the situation allows, do not postpone the deadline "yesterday".

Let me do the talking

Of course, it is not necessary to devote every meeting exclusively to the current situation "outside the window". However, you should allow your employees to share their experiences. Psychologists advise you not to hide your fears, otherwise, over time, they can turn into a temptation to panic.

Discuss all the new work rules

Even if people know what to do well, stress and a new environment (such as working from home) can "reset all settings". This means that rules for delegation, control, and reporting must be established.

Always stay in touch

It is very important not to lose touch with colleagues, so that they feel at this terrible time. Stay in touch during business hours. Create a group in your group to quickly and quickly discuss issues that arise in the messenger. Make morning calls, discuss current tasks and plans. Continue the conversation.

Give me time to adapt

It always takes time to accept new conditions. Keep in mind that it may take several days for some people, and weeks for others.

The article was selected by Nikolai Merzlyakov.

Source: https://pro.rbc.ru/news/5e9d56229a794735aeb55d48

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