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A few rules of the inhabitants of Scandinavia, thanks to which they are included in the list of centenarians

The inhabitants of the Scandinavian Peninsula have always been distinguished by good health and high life expectancy. They are also included in the list of peoples who are more satisfied with their lives, that is, truly happy. This is due to many factors, including national habits developed over more than one decade and passed from one generation to another.

What habits help Scandinavians live happily ever after?

Physical activity

Movement is the path to longevity and the source of youth. Scandinavian pensioners are incredibly active. They are active even when it is not necessary. For example, they ride public transport standing up, although it is empty.

More than fifty years ago, scientists conducted a study in which they observed trolleybus drivers and inspectors. It is obvious that the first group was constantly sitting, the second-was in motion. The results of the study were as follows: the conductors had exactly 2 times lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Regular walks in the fresh air are a must for every northerner. Age and weather are not a hindrance to them. Those who find it difficult to move independently are engaged in Nordic walking.

Compliance with the work and rest regime

There is a clear work schedule, the law, and an exclusive employment relationship without any favors. The working day comes to an end, and the person goes home, where he completely disconnects from thoughts about work. No work, just rest and entertainment.

Only 3% of the inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries work overtime.

Compliance with the Nordic diet

This type of diet helps to lower cholesterol and maintain normal blood pressure (especially important for hypertensive patients). It includes the obligatory use of fatty fish (3 times a week), mushrooms, nuts and berries.

Regular heat therapy

A visit to the sauna helps to activate the immune system, reduces blood pressure (with the right approach), improves blood circulation and relieves nervous tension.


Low temperatures do not frighten the Scandinavians, on the contrary, since childhood they are accustomed to living in such conditions, because it is extremely useful for the body. Hiding in houses from the cold is not their style at all.

The right choice of shoes

When we have rain, snow and slush, very few people prefer rubber boots. But in the Scandinavian countries, on the contrary, they even go to the office, because the feet should be warm and dry.

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