4 April 2020 2600

Grants of 2.6 million euros to support eco-friendly housing from Booking.com

Company Booking.com announced the start of accepting applications for participation in the annual Booking Booster program to support the tourism sector.

Booking Booster-part of an internal volunteer initiative Booking.com where the company's employees work with local organizations to improve tourist destinations around the world.

The fourth Booking Booster is entirely dedicated to eco-friendly housing. This topic was chosen based on research statistics for 2020, where 82% of the company's partners are interested in cooperation in the field of tourism, and 87% of travelers consider this factor to be the most important when choosing housing.

Startups, socially-oriented organizations and NGOs seeking to contribute to the field of ecotourism will be able to participate and compete for the grand prize in the amount of 2.6 million euros. As well as participants offering innovative products, services, and accommodation facilities.

Support for Booking Booster in 2020 is aimed at partners Booking.com who actively use the principles of eco-tourism in their work. For this purpose, two thematic sessions of 10 days each are already planned - in May and September. They will consist of a series of master classes and individual work with mentors. Participants of both sessions will perform during the Booking Booster final and will get a chance to receive a large grant from the foundation.

You can apply for participation in the session from January 28, 2020.

To learn more about upcoming programs and features, visit the Booking Booster program website: https://www.bookingbooster.com/

This content was provided based on an information source: http://prohotelia.com/2020/02/booking-booster-2020/

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